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SL1M Trainee for Order Management unit

Posted by: Pharmaniaga Pristine S/B

Posted date: 20-Nov-2017

Location: Bukit Raja


To assist Order Management Executive for tasks as below:

                    1.     To be responsible for intercompany orders for Royale Pharma products including :


·       Prepare quotation requested by internal and external company.

·       Monitor all invoices from order management Pharmaniaga Logistics Sdn Bhd and Royale Pharma outlets.

·       To ensure that all intercompany and external company orders are fulfilled timely and accurately.


2.     To manage customer return form from intercompany i.e. Pharmaniaga subsidiaries as following :


·       To prepare the customer return form from intercompany.

·       To monitor the return process until it is completed.





3.     To manage price list and ensure products provided in the list are at a sufficient buffer level for Staff Voucher (mainly branches Sabah & Sarawak) and Alliances :


·       To provide monthly price list for Sabah & Sarawak for staff voucher.

·       To provide price list every 2 months for Alliances.

·       To ensure that on hand balance at warehouse are at a sufficient buffer.

·       To prepare invoice for staff vouchers monthly following the staff voucher scheme.


4.     To monitor backorder for staff voucher (Sabah & Sarawak) and undelivered stocks as following :


·       To monitor monthly voucher backorder report and liaise with purchasing team to stock up the stocks.

·       To ensure person in charge from order management Pharmaniaga Logistics Sdn Bhd to key-in the order backorder from Sabah & Sarawak.

·       To monitor every twice a month for undelivered voucher orders and ensure delivery is completed. 


5.     To manage sales order and ensure delivery to intercompany i.e. Pharmaniaga Subsidiaries :


·       To monitor the sales order process and ensure intercompany receive stocks.

·       To monitor payment for sales orders from intercompany by cash or bank transfer.


6.     To undertake any other duties as directed by the Immediate Supervisor and Management as and when required.

Job Title SL1M Trainee for Order Management unit
Post Details
Posted By Pharmaniaga Pristine S/B
Start Date Immediately
Contact Number 03-33429999 ext 377
Deadline 30-Nov-2017
Company Company -> Pharmaniaga Pristine Sdn Bhd
Location Location -> Bukit Raja
Job Type Job Type -> Non-Executive
Classification Job Classification -> Pharmaceuticals